Scott Wolter and the squad are back!

First, I want to thank all those associated with America Unearthed:
Committee Films, H2, and The Travel Channel.

Now it’s time I take my research into my own hands. Templar Gold is precisely that. It’s research the way I know it should be – focused, brutally honest, far reaching, and unafraid. Join me as I continue where America Unearthed left off. Using this robust website, my fans and other explorers will be able to participate more fully in my research, join in on discussions, live feeds from the field, my podcast, papers, ideas, and lots of videos.

I’m back on the trail of Templar gold.

– Scott

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We’re bringing friends

Scott & Janet will be teaming up with some familiar faces

We’re multi-media

A story so big it requires multiple media: video, podcasts, writing, social, and more

We’re Global

We’ll be going wherever the research takes us

Latest News

Scott & Janet just returned from an actual treasure hunt on a small island off the Atlantic coast. The full story will follow soon.

Pop Quiz of the Week

Where was this found and what does it mean?

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Latest from the blog

Indian Residential Schools and Their Relationship to the Knights Templar of the New World

The Canadian government, along with the Anglican and Presbyterian Church have formally offered apologies but never the Catholic Church. In addition, repeated requests for access and repatriation of the Church records, which remain within the Vatican library, have again fallen on deaf ears.

Did the Templars really “disappear” in 1307?

A study of credible Templar historians reveals however dismissively some might try, they cannot credibly say the Templars were "obliterated" on Friday the 13th, 1307. And they were not "obliterated" at all.

The Menhir Stone in Minnesota

This huge and mysterious stone has been stirring up controversy for years. Scott and Janet help to clarify just how it got there.


  • Newport Tower
  • Kensington Rune Stone
  • Cremona Document
  • Weymss Sinclair Journals
  • Bernard of Clairvaux
  • The Cistercians
  • The Tyronensians
  • The Cluniacs
  • Alchemy & Symbols
  • The Pike Letters
  • The Ellipse
  • Halifax Templar Records
  • Overton Stone
  • Westford Knight
  • Cumberlandite Magnetic Stone
  • Upton Chamber
  • Stone Holes
  • Tucson Lead Artifacts
  • Goddess Veneration
  • The Hooked X®
  • America’s Stonehenge
  • Boat Stone
  • Montreal
  • Megalithic Yard
  • The Fish Symbol
  • Venus Families
  • Sacred Geometry

What our fans say

Having spent the better part of six months listening to every podcast and show @RealScottWolter has been on, I have a newfound respect for geology.

Just finished watching the Da Vinci Code tonight and paged through the Cryptic Code Of The Templars in America to see all the symbols associated with The Code. There are many. Scott’s onto something really big.

If anyone liked the Da Vinci Code you’re gonna love this! This is the real deal here. I first became fascinated with America’s real history, watching #AmericaUnearthed with @RealScottWolter. Who knew Geology was so awesome.

The dream is to spend a couple days learning from
@RealScottWolter. One of my favorite people on the planet.

I got the amazing chance to hear Scott speak awhile back (pre-covid). It was such a great experience! So glad I brought my son with me, he really enjoyed hearing what Scott had to say as well. He owns a signed copy of Scott’s Lake Superior Agates book as well.

Thank you for always taking us along on your Journeys of Discovery. I always feel as if I’m part of the team.

Wow, simply amazing Scott, keep bringing amazing things like this to the masses!!