The Newport Tower Gives Up More Secrets

For three-hundred-and-fifty years, a mysterious two-story stone and mortar structure has stood in ruins in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island, looking exactly like as it did in the late Seventeenth Century. The oldest record of the Newport Tower is found in the first Governor of Rhode Island’s will, Benedict Arnold, who called my “stone wind mill.” There is no record of its construction at the time of the founding of the city, yet the accepted academic story is it’s a “colonial windmill.” This of course, is nonsense! Anyone who visits this magnificent edifice is immediately struck by its beautiful Romanesque style architecture with eight heavy stone columns with rounded arches. When looking inside the structure on the east side is a large fireplace with twin flues that vents smoke thru holes on the exterior wall. A fireplace in a windmill is impossible as the grain being ground would turn the structure into bomb. Closer inspection reveals strange details such as splayed window design. This was a curious feature until modern discoveries of highly accurate and expertly engineered solar alignments reveal the splayed windows allowed sunlight to pass through the windows at specific times and dates of the year.

All evidence points to the Tower being much older than the late Seventeenth Century. If not the struggling colonists, then who could have built this incredible feat of astronomical engineering. Scott Wolter’s research provides voluminous evidence consistent with only one group with the knowledge, means and most importantly, the motivation to build such a beautiful and complex European building in North America; the medieval Knights Templar.

  • Knights Templar Round Church Architecture –
  • Astronomical Alignments –
  • Alignment to Kensington –
  • Winter Solstice Illumination of the Egg-Shaped Keystone – During a lecture in Newport in October of 2007, local resident and researcher Jim Egan showed a photograph he took of the egg-shaped keystone on the inside of the west, northwest archway with light from the south window lighting it up.

The round, two-story nave of Temple Church in London, England, which is similar to the architecture of the Newport Tower.

Knights Templar Round Church Architecture – Without question the builders used to construct the building is spot-on medieval Knights Templar two-story round church architecture with several examples that survive in Europe. The most notable examples are Temple Church in London, England, Cambridge Round Church in Cambridge, England, and stunningly beautiful Charola in the Church of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal.

The round, two-story nave of Cambridge Round Church in Cambridge, England, which is similar to the architecture of the Newport Tower.

The amazing illuminated Charola inside the church of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal.

December 21st solar alignment, Newport Tower

Astronomical Alignments – Brother and Professor of Astronomy, William Penhallow, was the first to document numerous solar and lunar alignments intentionally designed into the architecture of structure.

Some of William Penhallow’s work –

Archaeoastronomy: The Newport Tower

South Coast Today article

View of tower from above – Venus Alignments

This diagram shows the location of the eight stone and mortar pillars (P-I to P-8), seven windows (W-1 to W-7), four niches on the interior of the tower (N-1 to N-4) and the fireplace (FP).

Alignment to Kensington, Minnesotta

Perhaps the most profound discovery I have made regarding my research into the Newport Tower was the long-range alignment from the center of the tower, thru the two symbolically shaped keystones in the west, north west archway, that extends to the discovery site of the Kensington Rune. Stone. This implies a direct connection between the two that has already been determined with the origin of both being attributed to the Templars.