The Cremona Document

The Cremona Document

In November of 1971, a physician who worked for a private security company named Dr. William Jackson, purchased a compilation of documents detailing the activities of the medieval military order of Knights Templar. These documents include first-hand testimony, notes, numerous names of individuals, and maps that mark the specific location of hidden treasures. After a decade of research and field investigations, including diving and discovering the remains of a Twelfth Century shipwreck (1971) and the tomb of medieval Priestess on Hunter Mountain in the Catskill mountains of New York (1977), Dr. Jackson sold the document to the Vatican in 1994. Unbeknownst to the Holy See, Dr. Jackson removed key portions of the document and carefully dispersed them to his colleagues and close friends at the agency with strict instructions: Upon their deaths, their wills and heirs were to ensure the documents were to be given to Mr. Donald Ruh, the youngest member of the agency and closest friend of Dr. Jackson. Members of Templar Gold have worked closely with Mr. Ruh with his research into the document that has revealed detailed historical activities in the early and late Twelfth, late Fourteenth, and late Eighteenth Centuries that has confirmed much of the research by the principles of Templar Gold.


Bannerman Island


West side of Hunter Mountain


Discovery in a stream

The People Involved

Many of the people named in the document were already known to history and many are not:

  • John the Baptist (First Century)
  • Jesus (First Century)
  • Mary Magdalene (First Century)
  • Hugh de Payens (1110)
  • Sir Ralph de Sudeley (1180)
  • Princess Altomara (1179)
  • Danish King Valdimar (1178)
  • Marguerite Bourgeoys (1655)
  • Francois de Poilly (The Elder) (1667)
  • Jean-Louis Le Loutre (1755)
  • Jean-Jaques Olier (1656)
  • Chevalier Robert de La Salle (1655)
  • Gusteveste Benvenuto (1888)
  • Armand de Roachfacould-Dudenville
  • Dr. William “Bill” Jackson
  • Donald Albert Ruh

Under the Temple Mount

One of the most enduring legends in Templar history is what did the original knights discover beneath the Temple Mount after capturing the Holy Land from the Muslims during the First Crusade in 1099.  The first part of the Cremona Document contains the first-hand narratives of several Templars as they explored the underground catacombs.  They chronicle the dangers they faced, the ancient tomb and the treasures they discovered that ultimately led to the dangerous voyage they took several decades later.

Trip to the Catskill Mountains

The late 1170’s is the next period chronicled in the document that tells the story of a fleet of Templar ships the sailed across the North Atlantic to North America, then called the “Land of Onteora.” Led by the Templar Sir Ralph de Sudeley, twenty-six were dropped off at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and made their way to Temple of the Goddess in the Catskills. His mission? To recover First Century scrolls hidden in the land of Onteora after the suppression of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s people, the Essene, in the late First Century.

An Island in the Hudson River

The modern era part of this investigation into the Cremona document began in 1968 when a group of adventurous friends who all worked to together for a recently formed private security company spent the day swimming and diving in the Hudson River off the coast of Bannerman Island. A discovery of a decorative garden ornament would lead to finding artifacts hidden inside that would set in motion one of the most amazing Templar stories ever told; in real time!

Discoveries on Hunter Mountain

Don Ruh invited Scott, his son Grant, Steve St Clair and David Brody to join him to hike up Hunter Mountain to help solve a mystery related to a map of the mountain he and Bill Jackson had discovered thirty-two years earlier. Our day on the mountain led to the discovery of incredible new artifacts and a better understanding of the Cremona Document Templar story. One of the artifacts was an inscribed stone.

Carvings on the Mountain

In 2009 during our hike on the mountain we saw numerous carvings that corresponded with the map we had as our guide. By the end of the day, we had unearthed another carved stone containing clues that would lead us to another country where we found more clues.